After 23 years of dedicated service, Chauncey Naylor has retired from the Williams Fire & Hazard Control business of Johnson Controls.

“Chauncey has been an integral member of the business, most recently serving as the Director of the Emergency Response Operations & Training Team,” a statement released by Johnson Controls said. “His contributions, commitment, and dedication will always be valued and remembered,” 

With 35 plus years in the fire protection field, Chauncey has responded to over 200 large-scale storage tank and facility fires around the globe. Perhaps most notable was the successful extinguishment of a 270-foot diameter storage tank of refined gasoline, the largest petroleum storage tank fire in the history of the business.

Chauncey began his career as a municipal firefighter in Broward County, FL in 1979, and over the next decade, ascended through the ranks to become a fire officer for the Port Everglades Port Authority Public Safety Department.

His tenure at the seaport provided him the opportunity to work with the world’s best, and in 1991 he joined the William Fire  & Hazard Control team as an on-call firefighter, where he furthered his experience and knowledge combatting flammable liquid fires. In 1996, Chauncey joined WF&HC as the Vice President of emergency response services and senior lead firefighter, and in 2011 he was promoted to director of emergency response operations and training.

In 2011, Industrial Fire World magazine presented Naylor with the annual Red Adair Award for industrial firefighters who dealt successfully with a radical new challenge. 

Passionate about the advancement of industrial firefighting, Chauncey has spent the past eight years passing down his unique fire response expertise to the next generation of firefighters. Under his leadership, the Williams Fire & Hazard Control response and training teams have greatly benefitted from his extensive field experience and stand prepared to respond to the next challenge on the horizon.