The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the U.S. Department of Justice announced in September a $5.6 million settlement with Bayer CropScience LP to resolve violations of federal chemical accident prevention laws at its facility in Institute, West Virginia where an explosion killed two people in 2008.

Under the settlement, Bayer CropScience committed to spending approximately $452,000 on a series of measures to improve safety at chemical storage facilities across the United States and $4.23 million to improve emergency preparedness and response in Institute and protect the Kanawha River. Bayer CropScience will also pay a $975,000 penalty.

 "The multiple safety failures that existed at this facility that led to a loss of life, demonstrates why safeguards are necessary to protect people's health and the environment," said EPA mid-Atlantic regional administrator Shawn Garvin. "This settlement will incorporate worker safety training, as well as emergency preparedness and response capabilities at this plant and a number of other Bayer facilities, ensuring the protection of workers, the public and the environment from accidental chemical releases that are preventable."