Thankfully, real world experience as an industrial emergency responder is harder to come by these days. The good news is we aren’t having as many fires in plants and refineries.

Industrial Fire World surveyed schools offering such training to give readers a better idea of what is available worldwide. The response to this survey shows that fire schools continue to make the specialized skills required by industry a priority in their curriculum.


Industrial Incident Command System Training

Address: PO Box 367 Carson City, Nevada 89702

Phone: 775-720-1990

E-Mail: [email protected]

Web Site:

Owner: Jim Powell, 48 years a Fire Service Professional We specialize in teaching Industrial-Incident Command System Training as well as Industrial-Incident Safety Officer and Fire Service Instructor. We can perform performance audits, design and build exercises for any Industrial Facility. We deliver our classes at the Regional Public Safety Training Center in Reno Nevada or we can come to your location. Besides Jim Powell who has 48 years of fire service experience we also have a host of excellent instructors available from across the industrial setting.


ADDRESS: 13200 Old Gentilly Road, New Orleans, LA 70129

PHONE: (504) 671-6620 FAX: (504) 671-6592


CHIEF ADMINISTRATOR: Rick Schwab, Senior Director

FACULTY: Thirty-five adjunct instructors have a combined 300 years of experience and are all experts in their respective fields, with at least 10 years as a captain on a fire department in New Orleans and surrounding areas. All are nationally and/or U.S. Coast Guard certified in the areas of instruction. CLASSROOMS: Our brand new state-of-the-art facility houses 8 classrooms. Industrial complex has 2 classrooms. The facility can accommodate approximately 200 students per week.

PROPS: The 3.3-acre fire field complex currently houses 8 props, 4 dedicated to industrial training (pressure pit, elevated pipe rack, process unit, loading rack), 1 specifically for marine training (simulated ship structure) , and 3 that can be used interchangeably (electrical panel, flange fire, bilge fire). Current field upgrades include new troughs for pipelines and new props for advanced industrial fire fighting, concrete work surfaces and new electrical physical plant with backup generator for continuous operation of the fire field. BURNING SEASON: We operate all year, 7 days a week, 24-hours a day as required for specialized training, with the exception of a 2-week closure during the time of Christmas and New Year.


Online Fire Science Programs

ADDRESS: 521 Lancaster Avenue, Richmond, KY 40475

PHONE: 859-622-7964

EMAIL: [email protected]


PROGRAMS: Flexible online learning from a respected, accredited university. Online courses begin 6 times per year in accelerated 8-week terms. Degree programs include:

Fire Protection and Safety Engineering Technology, BS: Prepares you to gain knowledge in fire prevention and suppression to design and recommend equipment to assist organizations in safeguarding life and property against fire, explosion and related hazards. 100% online.

Fire, Arson and Explosion Investigation, BS: Provides you with the scientific and investigative skills needed to determine the cause and criminal nature of fires and explosions. Online courses with some face-to-face instruction on campus in the newly renovated fire lab.

Fire Protection Administration, BS: Combines the latest science and technology to provide you with the knowledge and managerial skills needed for successful leadership in firefighting operations. 100% online.

Industrial Fire Protection Certificate: Provides you with the skillsets needed to protect life and property. Combines the latest technology and expert instruction to offer students a competitive edge in the job market. 100 percent online.

FACULTY: Instructors are recognized for teaching excellence, as well as their successes in the field as former fire chiefs, fire marshals, engineers, and investigators.


Address: 1351 Salco Road West Axis, Alabama 36505

Phone: 251-675-4447

Fax: 251-675-4448

Email: [email protected]


Off Site Training: Instructors can travel to client locations and provide custom training based on specific needs/requirements.

Chief Administrator: Mike McCreary, Director (mike. [email protected])

Faculty: Instructors are certified emergency response professionals with extensive industrial experience, subject matter experts in their fields and many serve on national standards committees.

Curriculum: Standardized training offering Industrial ProBoard Certification through the Alabama State Fire College. Custom, scenario based training to meet client’s specific training needs.

Classrooms: 30-45 seat individual classrooms and training areas for each training discipline. Fire training classroom seats 45 and is equipped with showers for travelling teams. Large on-site cafeteria that serves up to 45 students.

Props: 33 fire props surround our 5 story petro/chemical production complex. Complete with a basement, control rooms, a rail and trailer loading area as well as a bulk storage tank. 18 rescue props including a 50’ exterior tower for high angle, interior high angle boiler/elevator prop with hanging spider basket, 100’ of underground confined space tunnels, multiple tank and vessel props including a rail car. 70’ column complete with trays. 12 Hazardous Material props that include valve house, chlorine, loading dock, transportation liquid transfer with highway, rail and tote.

Fire Field: 53 acre field located in proximity to the beautiful Gulf Coast that provides many amenities nearby to visit and enjoy.

Other Resources: Bunker gear is available for rent for travelling teams.


ADDRESS: 9914 Grayson Drive, Denison, TX 75020 (North Texas Regional Airport)

PHONE: 903-564-3862 FAX: 903-564-3017

EMAIL: [email protected]


CHIEF ADMINISTRATOR: Bill Palya, Owner/Coordinator

FACULTY & SUPPORT STAFF: Sixteen including eleven instructors with combined 175 years of fire science experience & five support staff FACILITY: Two classrooms with 30 student capacity each room

FIRE FIELD: Two acres with 6 room burn house; year round live burning

SMOKE MAZE: Two story multifaceted room with ability to reposition walls for 38 different scenarios PROPS: Three fire extinguisher projects, 2 propane projects, car fire project

COURSES: Recruit fire training, National Registry EMT, industrial training, AHA CPR certification, Methods of Teaching, Hazmat technician

OFF SITE TRAINING: Offers on site and off-site open enrollment training as well as client-specific training at client’s location.

Haz Co Fire Training Academy was established in 1987 serving the North Texas area industries with both education and OSHA training for hazardous waste containment and fire brigade training. Haz Co has been employed by many industries including Texas Instruments, Johnson & Johnson, Gates Rubber, Lindale Pipeline, and Regional Water Service of North Dakota. In 1994, the fire academy was opened and was the first independently owned fire training academy in the state of Texas. Since its opening, Haz Co has trained over 1400 students with many of our students working all over the state of Texas in city fire departments. Several of our lead instructors are adjunct instructors for Texas A&M’s Municipal Fire School.

Haz Co offers both day and evening Fire/EMT courses. Completion is approximately 6 months for both.


Fire & Safety Division

ADDRESS: 13500 256 Street, Maple Ridge, British Columbia, V4R 1C9

PHONE: 1.877.528.5591

FAX: 604.528.5660

EMAIL: [email protected]

WEBSITE: Chief Administrator: Peter Grootendorst, Director, Fire & Safety Division; Charlene Jordan-Jones, Deputy Director, Fire & Safety Division

OFFSITE TRAINING: Offers education and training online and on location throughout British Columbia and on a contract basis for organizations across Canada and internationally.

 ANNEX: JIBC’s Mobile Live Fire Training Lab is the only mobile training prop of its kind in Western Canada that travels the province to support regional firefighting training needs. The 50-foot long trailer can rise two storeys when fully expanded and is fully self-sufficient for use to simulate residential and industrial fires and for confined space training.

FACULTY: 150 sessional instructors who draw on a range of experience from career, industrial and paid-on-call fire and rescue departments.

SUPPORT STAFF: 30 fire technicians, 14 full-time staff

CLASSROOMS: 5 classrooms with capacity of 150 students

FIRE FIELD: 25 acres developed with an additional 20 acres available for future expansion PROPS: 30 training props including a three-storey concrete burn building, a ship’s steel superstructure for marine and confined space firefighter training, and Western Canada’s only 11-car train derailment prop used to train firefighters from across Canada to respond to railway disasters, fires and chemical spills.

BURNING SEASON: The Maple Ridge campus is open year round and only closed during the week between Christmas and New Years Day.



NAME: Emergency Management and Fire Science Technology programs, Lakeland Community College ADDRESS: 7700 Clocktower Dr., Kirtland, Ohio 44094

PHONE: (440) 525-7252

EMAIL: [email protected]




CAN COLLEGE CREDIT BE “AWARDED”? College credit, some of it free, may be awarded for certain certification, fire academy, and emergency management institute related coursework. These courses can then apply toward a college degree. (Conditions and limitations may apply.)

DELIVERY METHODS: The Emergency Management (Disaster Planning or Homeland Security) degree, academic certificate, and courses are available online. The Fire Science Technology degree, academic certificate, and courses are available both online and in the traditional classroom. You may access the online Emergency Management and Fire Science courses 24/7, at your convenience. [You are not required to be online at a specific time each week.]

ACCREDITATION: Both degrees are internationally accredited by IFSAC.

RECOGNITION: The Fire Science Technology degree is nationally recognized by FESHE

PROGRAM DIRECTOR: Professor Lee Silvi, MPA

FACULTY: All faculty have many years of field experience in their respective areas of expertise.


NAME: Lambton College Fire and Public Safety Centre of Excellence

ADDRESS: 459 LaSalle Line, Sarnia, ON Canada N7T 7H5

PHONE: (519) 542-77751 x 3811

FAX: (519) 336-4537

EMAIL: [email protected]


OFFSITE TRAINING: Offers extinguisher, Hazmat, Incident Command Training and several NFPA Certification courses at client sites.

CHIEF ADMINISTRATOR: Andre Ouellette, Campus Administrator FACULTY: 4 Full-time faculty and 35+ adjunct faculty all active firefighters in industry and municipal fire departments in Southwestern Ontario region.

SUPPORT STAFF: Four full-time support staff and several oncall and part-time support personnel CLASSROOMS: New campus built in 2011 with five classrooms accommodating from 24 to 80 persons. All classrooms have full multi-media complement with reconfigurable tables and chairs to accommodate all group needs and sizes. We will customize your training agenda to fit the size and needs of your team. FIRE FIELD: Canada’s largest live fuel Fire Training school. Fourteen acres and in the process of acquiring another 10 acres with a large indoor training facility adjoining the existing property. The Fire Field is environmentally-engineered to capture all water and residual oils used in the field, return it to a separator system for removal of oils and then recycled for fire fighting exercises once again.

PROPS: Twelve props plus one burn (hot) tower and one search and rescue (cold) tower. Props include an electronically fueled and fired 3-tier Chemical Process Unit (new in 2011), Bulk Loading Dock (under reconstruction), Vertical Liquid Storage Tank (scheduled for renewal in 2019), Liquid Propane Valve Isolation, Rail Car, and a Pump House Area containing 5 different props.

BURNING SEASON: All year round. Offer unique winter training options and night burns.

OTHER RESOURCES: The use of Bunker Gear is included with all training including SCBAs and portable extinguishers. The Fire School is equipped with the only existing ozone unit to remove bacteria and associated odours from the fire gear.


Name: Oklahoma State University Fire Protection & Safety Technology

Address: 524 Engineering North, Stillwater, OK 74078

Telephone: 405-744-5721

Email: [email protected]


Facilities: Fire Protection & Safety at Oklahoma State University has a well-established Fire Protection Laboratory located in a new building for the fire protection research and education. The laboratory has several lab units: fire behavior lab, fire pump lab, fire alarm lab, fire suppression lab, and industrial hygiene lab. The laboratory has the full capability to perform small and medium-size fire testing.

School Objectives: The FPSET program prepares graduates for careers in Loss Control. The Loss Control Profession is segmented into three major areas: Loss from Fire, Loss from Physical Accident, and Loss from Environmental Exposure. The overall goals of the program, in terms of the graduates, are designated Educational Objectives. These are broad statements of skills and knowledge that the graduates of the FPSET program will have upon graduation. These are divided into three categories: student outcomes, general educational outcomes and technical educational outcomes.


 Large Calorimeter: The large calorimeter is equipped with an 18,000 cfm exhaust fan is capable of analyzing test fires with up to two megawatts of heat release rate. The large calorimeter is used for conducting several standard fire tests including NFPA 286, ASTM E1537, and 16 CFR 1633.

Cone Calorimeter: The cone calorimeter has been built to meet the existing standards, such as ASTM E1354 and ISO 5660. The ASTM E1354 standard test method has been developed for fire retardant material design and evaluation, as well as research and development to help make fire measurements. The cone calorimeter can be used to evaluate fire characteristics of various polymer nanocomposite materials and insulation materials.


ADDRESS: 3920 Carbon Plant Rd, Corpus Christi, TX 78410

PHONE: 361-885-7105

EMAIL: [email protected]

FAX: 361-241-0943


CHIEF ADMINISTRATOR: Riley G. Maxson, Assistant Fire Chief

FACULTY: Instructors are utilized from RTFC’s Emergency Response Operations, Instructors respond to real life incidents and “Practice what they Preach”.

CLASSROOMS: Four Classrooms; handling up to 75 students each

FIRE/TRAINING FIELD: Nine Acres. Night Burns Available

PROPS: Over 30 props including, Industrial Process Unit, Hazardous Materials Response, Confined Space, Trench Rescue, High Angle Rescue, Shipboard Firefighting, Multiple-Story Structural Firefighting, Incipient Stage Fire Prop, Storage Tank, Three Dimensional Process Fire Prop Pump Operations



Address: Transportation Technology Center Inc. / SERTC 55500 D.O.T. Road Pueblo CO. 81001

Phone : 719-584-0584

Phone: 800-933-4882

EMAIL: [email protected]

Website: Social Media: Training Facility: Established in 1985, the Security and Emergency Response Training Center (SERTC) is operated by the Transportation Technology Center, Inc. (TTCI), a subsidiary of the Association of American Railroads. We serve not only the transportation service industry, but also the public sector emergency response community, the chemical/petro industry, government agencies, and emergency response contractors from all over the world. Since its inception, SERTC has trained more than 65,000 students worldwide. Our 3,000-acre facility is located on 52 square miles of secure land near Pueblo, CO. Established as a state-of-art hazardous materials training center to surface transportation emergencies, SERTC now features a dynamic flammable liquids program for surface transportation incidents, including Crude by Rail (CBR) and trans-loading facilities emergencies, as well as Transportation Container Unloading and Loading Emergency Response (TCLUER).

 Is Off Site Training Available? YES

Chief Administrators: Forrest A Wieder (GM), Clyde (Rick ) Powell (Lead HazMat Instructor) Kelly Bozarth (Lead Flammable Liquids)

Facility: Our staff brings over 100 years of experience drawing insights from fire service, contractor service, hazmat response, rail industry, law enforcement, and petro / chemical industry.

Classrooms: Our facility can accommodate multiple course offerings simultaneously. Four separate classrooms – each with a 40-person capacity; or two large classrooms each with an 80-person capacity. Additional classrooms can handle 28 or less. Laptops and electronic media are supplied in all classrooms.

Props: SERTC’s curriculum is divided into four phases that utilize various props: classroom instruction, hands-on “highbay,” laydown yard, and full-scale scenarios. We employ over 75 railcars, 20 highway vehicles, and an extensive intermodal yard. Our newest prop includes a multi station trans-loading facility with above-ground storage tanks, railcars and highway vehicles. All are set for full-scale, hands-on student participation in live burn, cooling and foam application. Check the video clip at https:// In addition, SERTC’s new courses in unmanned aerial systems (UAS, also known as drones) uniquely designed to help organizations save time and money as they develop their own UAS programs.

Core SERTC courses include:

Crude By Rail Emergency Response (CBR) – 24 hours

Transportation Container Unloading and Loading – 24 hours

Emergency Response (TCLUER) 24 hours

Tank Car Specialist (TCS) 40 hours

Tank Car Specialist Advanced (TCS-A) 40 hours

Highway Emergency Response (HERS) 40 hours

Highway Emergency Response Specialist 40 hours

Advanced (HERS-A) – 40 hours

Hazardous Materials Weapons of Mass Destruction

Technician for Surface Transportation (HWMDTST) 80 hours

Leadership and Management of Surface Transportation Incidents (LMSTI) 40 hours

Managing Unmanned Aerial Systems in Emergency Response (MAUSER) - 40 hours

Annual Operations: SERTC operates the third week of January through the second week of November annually.


Name: Singapore Aviation Academy - a division of the Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore

Address: No. 1 Aviation Drive, Singapore 499867

Tel: (65) 6540 6295 Fax: (65) 6542 9890

Email: [email protected]

Website: with us: SingaporeAviationAcademy

The School of Airport Emergency Services in Singapore Aviation Academy provides strategic, tactical and operational training in aircraft rescue, fire protection and emergency management for both civil airports and military air bases as well as industrial fire safety. Classroom, simulator and hands-on training is included. With hands-on exercises that make up over 70% of the training, participants gain first-hand experience in handling emergencies through the use of state-of-the-art simulators depicting realistic aircraft and industrial incidents. Visit for details on the programs offered by the School of Airport Emergency Services.


Name: South Carolina State Fire, a division of S.C. Department of Labor, Licensing, and Regulation. Address: 141 Monticello Trail, Columbia, SC 29203

Phone: 803-896-9846 (David Crossland, Industrial Marketing)

FAX: 803-896-9806

Email: [email protected]


Annex Facilities: Not available

Is off-site training offered? Yes

Chief Administrator: Jonathan Jones, State Fire Marshal

Faculty: Eight full-time employees and 67 part-time employees assigned to various training duties. Classrooms: Campus includes eight classrooms in various locations and the Denny Auditorium (200 capacity).


 A two and a half story, computer-operated, propane-fueled burn building with multiple burn areas and a flashover simulator used to represent residential, commercial, or industrial facility configurations.

Two additional two story Class A burn buildings with multiple rooms and room configurations used to represent residential, commercial, or industrial facility configurations.

A five story drill tower with different configurations on each floor, a search and rescue maze, HazMat prop, sprinkler and standpipe props, and interior shafts for elevator and rope rescue training.

Several customizable to customer flammable liquid burn props, including rail cars and a chemical cracking tower.

Customizable flammable gas props used for hand-line trainings.

Three multiple-configuration confined space rescue props and an outside heavy rescue area

Two replica 737 aircraft crash/rescue simulators, piercing prop, and a 3-D wheel assembly

Automobile vehicle extrication area

LP-fueled vehicle fire prop

Fire Field: South Carolina State Fire Academy consists of 208 acres approximately four miles north of Interstate 20.

Burning Season: The Academy is open for training 50 weeks out of the year. The last two weeks of every year are used for maintenance, refreshing the grounds, and updating instructors with new curriculum. Annual Events: Southeastern Fire School held each March focuses on developing firefighters and fire officers through various theory based and hands-on training. Recruit Candidate School is held four times a year. This class accommodates up to 30 students for eight weeks of training to become fully trained firefighters – graduating with multiple NFPA/PROBOARD certificates.

Other Resources: Full bunker gear is available to rent if class requires PPE.


Name: TEEX Emergency Services Training Institute (ESTI)

Address: 1595 Nuclear Science Rd., College Station, TX 77843

Phone: 979-845-7641 or 866-878-8900 Email: [email protected] Web:

Chief Administrator: Robert Moore, Division Director

About TEEX ESTI: Established in 1929, annually more than 75,000 students participate in ESTI’s rigorous, hands-on training in firefighting, emergency medical services, hazardous materials, rescue, Incident Command, and specialized programs.

Training Staff: Staffed by hundreds of experienced instructors, technicians, and support personnel who represent more than 130 specialty areas, ESTI offers approximately 200 different courses to students from across Texas, the United States, and around the world.

Is off-site training offered?: Yes, training can be conducted at customer specified locations or at one of our approved Cooperative Learning Centers around the world.

Training Facilities: Facilities in College Station include Brayton Fire Training Field (BFTF), Disaster City© and the Emergency Operations Training Center. The 296 acre facility features 132 training props/stations including 23 full-scale burn buildings, towers, tanks, and industrial plant structures, hazardous materials training props and rescue training area. There are 16 industrial simulation props ranging from single-source, single-fuel leak points to multi-source, dual-fuel (LPG and flammable liquid) projects, and one of the world’s largest Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) props. The structural training props simulate various types of fire involving single and multi-family dwellings, warehouses, engine rooms, and multistory structure fires.


NAME: Tyler Junior College Fire Academy

ADDRESS: 1530 SSW Loop 323, Tyler TX 75701

PHONE: 903-510-2404

FAX: 903-596-8371

EMAILS: [email protected] [email protected]


 CHIEF ADMINISTRATOR: Andy King, Managing Director.

FACULTY: 20 instructors holding Texas Commission on Fire Protection Certification and numerous other certifications. Each specialize in the field they teach. Combined experience of more than 200 years. All of our instructors are currently employed by either Tyler Fire Department or another fire department in the Smith County area.

SUPPORT STAFF: Jeanine Grimes, Administrative Assistant. Has 8 years of experience from the inception of this program to present day.

CLASSROOMS: 2 classrooms on site and one located at the training field.

FIRE FIELD: We are privileged to have access and partner with Tyler Fire Department in the use of their training facility.

PROPS: Full fire training facility with dumpster, car, and propane/heptane capability. Also the field includes a full smoke house with mobile walls for different configurations and a burn house with 6 rooms and hallway. This building can also be configured in many different ways.

CLASS SCHEDULE: We offer 2 academies a year with start dates of late January to early February and mid to late August. We can accept 24 cadets per academy. The dates for upcoming academies can be found on our webpage. Please contact Jeanine Grimes for further information.