Pierce Manufacturing has announced that certain model year 2006-2007 Arrow XT, Dash, Enforcer, Impel, Lance and Quantum vehicles manufactured from January 1, 2006, through March 31, 2007 equipped with TAK-4 suspensions may contain a defect that impacts vehicle safety.

Pierce has determined that manufacturing process inconsistencies at the ball joint boot manufacturer resulted in an elevated number of tears in the protective boot, a letter issued by Pierce Manufacturing to its retailers states.

“When the protective boot tears, it becomes possible for contamination to permeate the ball joint,” the letter states. “Over time, this contamination can cause premature wear. Premature wear to the ball joint, if not addressed during inspection of the vehicle, can ultimately result in wheel dislocation from the control arm.”

This action is the result of the investigation initiated by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration into ball joint separations reported on certain Pierce vehicles in the field.

“Pierce has determined that suspect vehicles should be repaired at the earliest opportunity, with customers allowed to continue to operate their vehicle until the repair,” the letter to retailers states.

To remedy the issue Pierce will take the following steps:

● Inspect suspect vehicles for torn ball joint boots

● Replace any torn boots found

● For those vehicles found with torn boots, or had a prior repair for torn boots, inspect the corresponding ball joint for wear, as defined by the Pierce Service Manual for Tak-4 suspensions.

● For those ball joints found with end play exceeding the limits defined in the Service Manual, Pierce will replace the ball joint with like version.

The vehicles involved are 910 Arrow XT, Dash, Enforcer, Impel, Lance and Quantum manufactured between January 1, 2006 and March 31, 2007.

Federal law prohibits the sale of any of the affected vehicles with the repairs being completed.

The involved vehicles have been identified by Pierce job numbers and are listed on Pierceparts.com. Computer listings contain the complete job number, owner name and address data. Owner name and address data will enable dealers to follow up with owners involved in this campaign once Pierce has issued the customer notification.

Pierce has identified the recalled vehicles based on field reports. Vehicles manufactured outside of the defined manufacturing dates do not contain the boot defect or similar resulting concerns.

Pierce is requesting all parts replaced in support of this recall to be returned to Pierce for evaluation and assessment.