In 1977, Sherrie Wilson, walked into the Dallas Fire Department and asked for a job a day after a male coworker told her “Women can’t be firefighters!” She found the department needed to hire women to meet Justice Department requirements. In 1972 the Equal Rights Amendment was passed by Congress and declared there would be no inequality on the grounds of gender.

Her book, “Faith on Fire” will share:

• How to live on the razor edge of life, while facing plummeting drops into the presence of defeat, frustration and death.

• You will understand the blistering heat of gender curves, while facing and standing up to others who do not believe you belong.

• Understand the cost of allowing or participating in agitation or harassment.

• Enjoy the amazing life lessons on team dynamics and loving those with which you do not agree.

• Faith on Fire is a winner’s attitude of overcoming the impossible, staying positive through darkness and ultimately finding the miracle. • Faith on Fire is loaded with unexpected plot twists, conflict and redemption, this amazing book will keep you riveted from the first page to the last.