Hydro-Chem dry chemical attack. -

Hydro-Chem dry chemical attack.

One Russian industrial fire chief flew from Moscow on his own dime to take part in the Tyco Williams Fire & Hazard Control XTREME Industrial Fire & Hazard Training held in May in Beaumont, TX.

“It’s my private trip,” the fire chief said. “It is not a business trip. It wasn’t approved by my employers.”

He said he felt obliged to make his first visit to the US after the chief officer with Tyco WFHC traveled to Moscow several years ago to attend a fire conference there.

“I was really very interested to learn more about the Tyco WFHC technology,” the chief said.

XTREME focuses on industrial fire fighting, combining classroom sessions reviewing case studies and fire field logistics with live fire rotations and equipment demonstrations.

The chief said he was particularly interested in Tyco WFHC technology dealing with three-dimensional pressure fires by means of the company’s Hydro-Chem technology, combining water, foam and dry chemical in the same delivery system.

He said he was most impressed with the organization of the four-day event in Beaumont.

“It’s immediately clear that there was a lot of preparation work done to host so many people,” the chief said. “I was really surprised and impressed with the Tyco WFHC manufacturing plant and the Beaumont Emergency Service Training complex.

A 3,000 gpm Ranger 3 monitor demonstrated. -

A 3,000 gpm Ranger 3 monitor demonstrated.

“It’s really very important to train these firefighters,” he said. “We have nothing similar in Russia.”

The chief was only one of a group of international firefighters brought to XTREME by Houston-based Interflote, a company that supplies equipment and expertise to the oil industry overseas. Interflote is a distributor for Williams WFHC in Russia.

“We focus on storage tanks, especially internal floating roof tanks and geometric domes,” said Leanna Lienhart with Interflote. “We are active in increasing the safety of these systems and bringing our customers new technology to extinguish tank fires.”