Advanced's upgraded addressable carbon monoxide (CO) detector and low frequency sounder base has been designed to meet NFPA / UL low-frequency signalling standards for sleeping areas such as hospitals, hotels and multi-occupancy residential applications. The sounder base generates a 520 Hz tone to alert occupants of a fire or CO / life safety emergency.

The sounder base has been designed for easy replacement of the CO sensor module, when end of service life is reached, without the need for replacing the entire sounder base or removing the base from the wall or ceiling. In addition to carbon monoxide monitoring, the device can accommodate any Advanced intelligent smoke, heat or multi-sensor detector.

Complete with an on-board electrochemical sensor with three CO detection levels and offering both automatic and manual CO sensor testing, full system-wide sounder synchronization and a replaceable CO module with an approximate six-year lifespan, the sounder base offers superior performance, quality and ease-of-use.

Advanced's latest sounder base is fully compatible with its AX range of fire panels that can activate single or multiple sounder bases in an area or throughout a facility when CO or fire is detected, providing the appropriate synchronized alert and evacuation tones, in compliance with local fire code requirements.

In applications that require carbon monoxide life safety detection only, there is no need to install a fire detector, only a low-profile blank cover. The device connects to the fire panel’s two wire SLC circuit, and to power the sounder output, the device requires separate regulated 24VDC or can be powered from an Axis AX Notification Appliance Circuit (NAC).

The CO / 520 sounder base is an updated component of Advanced’s Axis AX full range system. The Axis AX system includes easily networked panels, command centers and a range of peripherals, devices and interfaces that make it ideal to suit almost any fire and life safety application. Available across the Axis range of fire panels, PerfectSync automatically synchronizes audio, voice and strobe signals across Advanced’s Axis AX fire alarm networks dynamically, as conditions change. Synchronization of audio and visual signals across multiple notification zones, floors & areas, prevents confusion in an emergency situation and aids in meeting intelligibility standards.