The Life Guard hood from Honeywell First Responder Products is a particulate hood that features a design and fabrics that provide better blocking protection against hazardous materials when compared to traditional hoods.

Replacing the standard "sock hood," the Life Guard hood delivers new laboratory-proven levels of particulate-blocking protection with a lighter, roomier fit that integrates with self-contained breathing apparatus and turnout gear to ensure the highest level of comfort and safety.

Designed with firefigher input at all stages of development and testing, the Life Guard hood includes these features:

  • Blocks carcinogenic particulates in both air and water.
  • Highly-breathable multi-layer composite material, coupled with a roomier design that promotes the safe flow of air around a user’s head and neck, yields a greatly improved wearing experience
  • Balanced Thermal Protective Performance (TPP) and Total Heat Loss (THL) design supports a drier, breathable and comfortable wear – even after hours of use.
  • Materials with proven durability yield a long wear-life and reduced cost of ownership
  • Inspection port enables users to completely turn the hood inside out to inspect the barrier
  • Patented Mask Mate face opening better fits the shape of air mask and provides wider field of visionNew building materials have made structure fires far more hazardous. Modern synthetics release lethal gases and toxins when burned.

Honeywell recommends washing the hood after every use. The Life Guard has been tested with no degradation of the particle resistance after as many as 100 washings. That exceeds the endurance of Nomex hoods.