Dow Chemical's Michigan Operations site on the flooded Tittabawassee River. - Screencapture Via YouTube

Dow Chemical's Michigan Operations site on the flooded Tittabawassee River.

Screencapture Via YouTube

Flood waters released by two breached dams co-mingled with an on-site brine pond Wednesday at the vast Dow Chemical headquarters and manufacturing complex on the Tittabawassee River in central Michigan.

With the water now crested, emergency operations at Dow’s 2,600-acre Michigan Operations in Midland has shifted into a clean-up and recovery mode, the Dow Facebook page states.

“We have begun implementing site recovery plans and will continue to advance site assessments as the situation safely allows,” the post reads. “This plan includes an inspection of all facilities and remediation assets along the Tittabawassee River as flood waters recede.”

After two days of heavy rainfall, water breached two dams upstream of the Dow complex Tuesday. The Tittabawassee crested Wednesday in Midland at 35 feet, the highest level recorded in the last 84 years and exceeding the previous record by two feet.

There has been no reported product releases and no reported employee injuries, Dow reports. The material from the pond commingling with the flood waters does not create any threat to residents or environmental damage.

“Yesterday, it was confirmed there were flood waters co-mingling with an on-site brine pond used for storm water and brine system / groundwater remediation,” the statement reads. “The material from the brine pond does not create any risk to residents or the environment.”

Only essential staff remain on-site to monitor the situation and assess potential impact. All operating units on site have been safely shutdown, except for facilities needed for safely managing chemical containment, and all railcars are secured.

All employees and supporting contractors will be contacted to return to the site over the next few days, Dow states.

The Michigan Operations site has Dow Performance Silicones production assets on site, as well as research and development and industrial park infrastructure assets.

“The silicones assets are in an area that has not been impacted by the flood waters,” the Dow statement reads. “However, they do depend on infrastructure for operations provided by the Industrial Park.”