The Fire Department Safety Officers Association (FDSOA) is known to teach ISO and HSO classes in local jurisdictions if there is enough interest. This year, with the pandemic keeping firefighters and paramedics busy at home, most departments are not allowed to travel. To date, FDSOA has taught one HSO class in San Diego with multiple departments in attendance, and three other ISO courses, in Alpena, MI, at the Air National Guard Base; Redmond, WA; and in Chesterfield, MI, also with multiple departments in attendance.

Chairman Eric Valliere said, “What’s nice about teaching the course in their own jurisdiction is that we can base the curriculum around the way they respond. Each fire department is going to have different priorities for incident safety.” Valliere taught the ISO class in Redmond with FDSOA Board Member Scott Yurczyk.

If you are interested in hosting an HSO or ISO class in your district, please contact Executive Director Rich Marinucci at [email protected], or at our website,