Photo Provided by OHD -

Photo Provided by OHD

OHD, LLLP presents the next generation of fit testing instrumentation, the QuantiFit2TM, which utilizes OHD’s scientifically proven and patented Controlled Negative Pressure (CNP) technology. The revolutionary QuantiFit2TM allows users to break free from traditional respirator fit testing restraints. CNP was always the most protective, and now it is the easiest to use.

The QuantiFit2TM offers battery power for ultimate portability, AutoStart functionally for touchless testing, and Bluetooth capability to test from across a fire bay, outdoors or another room entirely. Color animations guide the user through each fit test exercise. Coupled with an industry first Lifetime Warranty, the QuantiFit2TM advances respirator fit testing to new heights.

“The introduction of the QuantiFit2TM to the health and safety market is a huge step for the respiratory protection industry,” stated Luke Allen, OHD’s President. “The technical enhancements along with streamlined user capabilities allow for a modern, and much needed, advancement in our field.”

The QuantiFit2TM also allows you to test countless individuals simultaneously with the use of our new OHD Logic Software, and as always, you can complete a fit test within two minutes.