The Fire Academy year-round digital platform offers training from industry leaders to help industrial firefighters expand their knowledge of firefighting tactics, techniques and technologies. This month, the Fire Academy’s new offerings take a closer look at trauma, stress and mental health issues.

Studies have found that anywhere between 7% and 37% of firefighters meet the criteria for a current diagnosis of PTSD and 10% struggle with alcoholism and mental health issues, reports Very Well Mind. Tap into the following Fire Academy virtual training sessions to learn more.

“Rethinking Trauma: The Resiliency Matrix” by Dena Ali, Captain, Raleigh (NC) Fire Department takes an looks at whether trauma responses are predictable and why each person reacts differently to trauma and stress. Learn more about post traumatic stress symptoms and normal trauma responses.

In “Psychological Health for Firefighters: Behavioral Health Basics, Suicide Awareness, and Self-Care,” Brandon Dreiman, Captain, Indianapolis (IN) Fire Department examines the relationship between traumatic stress, sleep deprivation, and alcohol use disorder in fire service.

“Training Future Company Officers” with Amy Hanifan, Operations Chief McMinnville (OR) Fire Department; President, Women In Fire, takes a proactive approach to readying future leaders for stressful jobs. Hanifan’s course teaches those in officer roles how to prepare future company officers with a focus on professional qualifications, training priorities, and mentoring.

Being better prepared can also reduce stress. In “The Other Types of Calls” Walter Lewis, District Chief, Orlando (FL) Fire Department covers a wide spectrum of incidents to prepare for.