Greetings! My name is Ronnie Wendt, and I’m the new editor of Industrial Fire World. It’s a pleasure to meet you!

For over 36 years, Industrial Fire World has recognized industrial fire safety as a specialized role with a need for specialized content. My challenge as the new editor is to continue growing Industrial Fire World’s influence and reach while anchoring the publication to a sustainable business model to continue a legacy begun over three decades ago.

David White launched Industrial Fire World in 1985 to enhance safety in industrial fire and emergency response through the prompt delivery of reliable, real-world expertise, and research and testing updates. 

Industrial Fire World has continued White’s vision ever since. The publication has brought authoritative news and insight to the market through print and digital content, and in-person and virtual solutions for decades. 

But after a comprehensive soul search, we decided it was time to tweak our content, delivery, look and feel to remain relevant to the dynamic professionals who rely on us for timely, specialized information on industrial fire safety and emergency response.

We realize that extinguishing an industrial fire requires expert knowledge, professional skills, precision equipment and protective gear. Technology changes faster than ever before, as do safety rules and regulations. Today’s industrial fire professionals need up-to-the-minute information on the latest techniques, equipment, safety protocols, and regulations that guide the industry. 

We plan to introduce some exciting changes in upcoming weeks to keep you connected to the information you need to do your jobs safely and well. First, we will increase our focus and deliver more educational content through our website and e-newsletter. We plan to increase the frequency of our e-newsletter to weekly and develop webinars and other digital content that addresses key areas of concern.

As we make these changes, we will keep our focus on technology, apparatus and equipment, best practices, risk management, leadership, and training with your insight as our guide. 

Our e-newsletter will become the main vehicle for original content in various industry segments. It will also offer more opportunities to hear from experts providing boots-on-the-ground insight into industrial fire and emergency response. In short, we want our readers to be an even bigger part of the conversation and plan to incorporate more content generated by experts across the industry.

As an experienced editor in the public safety world, I will draw upon a 25-year background in business-to-business writing to craft the informative industry coverage Industrial Fire World leaders expect. But every successful endeavor relies on a good partnership. We cannot drive the publication toward the future without you, the devoted readers of Industrial Fire World. Your insight, your knowledge, and your talents are invaluable to our mission. 

Please reach out to [email protected] with your ideas for change and to share what information you find most relevant. Your feedback will be a critical part of my work over the next several months. 

Today’s dynamic industrial firefighters must rapidly respond to technological and industry changes to adapt and manage risk in an exceedingly dangerous job. Industrial Fire World plans to support your efforts by delivering relevant content—today, tomorrow, and well into the future.

I look forward to a long-term partnership!