Hunter has designed and manufactured the EN14683 certified face cover that is tested for Type IIR fluid resistance and will remain antibacterial for 100 wash cycles. This makes the Hunter Ultra a protective, sustainable face covering suitable for fire use.

The Hunter Ultra has been approved by the National Technical lead for PPE for the UK Procurement Hub and is included in the National Framework for Consumable PPE run in partnership between Kent Fire & Rescue and Hunter.

Thirty emergency services are currently using Hunter Ultra and key-working organizations across the UK and Ireland where they have now replaced the usage of Type IIR disposable face masks outside of the medical environment.

The Hunter Ultra can be manufactured in any color and comes with or without the logo/branding. In addition it comes with a fabric flap on the nose bridge to prevent condensation from fogging up glasses and for a comfortable fit. It is currently available in two sizes to ensure a comfortable fit for a diverse workforce.