eDispatches is a collection of services that provides an enhanced emergency dispatch experience on wireless devices. More than 90% of our clients use our audio dispatch feature, which provides an audio recording of actual dispatch messages to your mobile or landline phone.  This automated service helps agencies resolve some of the negative aspects of the narrow band mandate such as gaps in coverage or reduced range of their radio system. You’ll receive alerts anywhere you have signal to your mobile device (or WiFi for the mobile app). If your dispatch center uses a CAD system, we can transmit those messages to staff in addition to our audio dispatch services or as a standalone CAD-only service.  CAD Messaging does not require any equipment from eDispatches but does require integration into your CAD system. This feature ensures reliable delivery of CAD messages. We also integrate CAD messages into our apps, allowing personnel to see the entire CAD message not just limited characters, receive on-touch mapping with driving directions, and even listen to the streaming audio feed from the radio system. eDispatches comes with a 30-day risk-free trial for every department. Call (973) 453-5810 or email [email protected] to learn more.

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