The new TFT Master Force series of nozzles series are dual pressure automatic high-volume monitor nozzles that automatically adjust to give you the greatest flow rate, reach, and impact force with your available water supply.  Incorporating TFT’s innovative technology, the Master Force operates at either a standard 7 bar (100 psi) or 4 bar (55 psi) low pressure as selected by the nozzle operator. 

The stream pattern can be varied from straight stream to a dense, wide fog pattern. Turning the shaper past the wide fog setting allows flushing the nozzle of debris without shutting down flow. The Master Force is the only dual pressure automatic nozzle that is available in manual or electric remote models and has a flow range of 1100 - 3000 L/min (300 - 800 GPM).

These compact, lightweight nozzles are perfect for pairing with TFT’s Hemisphere transportable monitor or with a TFT Tornado, Hurricane, Crossfire water cannon. They can also be paired with other brand monitors available to the fire service.

For more information, contact Brian Podsiadlik at [email protected]