The JOIFF webinar “Dislocation of Expectation – Commanding a Crisis in Unfamiliar Surroundings” will detail the key components of a flexible crisis command facility and list the steps necessary to recover from a major 'dislocation' event.

The webinar takes a closer look at one of the most common aspects of crisis events: 'denial of access' to normal workplaces and offices. The best equipped crisis command centers can be rendered useless and ineffective if access is not possible.

The current pandemic has highlighted the need for agility, flexibility and working away from our normal locations, i.e. offices and facilities. Resilient organizations need to have the ability to relocate their crisis command centers, quickly and without undue delay caused by IT and infrastructure logistics.

The webinar will share case studies and outcomes from over 300 crisis simulations undertaken around the world will provide insights into this important subject.
It will also include a demonstration of a crisis command relocation event with techniques, templates and tools.

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