A fire that broke out at Delek: El Dorado Refinery in Arkansas, formerly known as Lion Oil, February 27, will be investigated "as soon as possible," according to a statement released by Delek US Holdings, reported arkansasonline.com.

"Earlier today, a fire occurred at the Penex unit of our refinery in El Dorado, Arkansas. Our on-site emergency response team, with the assistance of the El Dorado Fire Department, extinguished the fire," the statement said. "We immediately began to monitor the air quality within the refinery and the community and have detected no adverse impacts."

Delek reported six people were "receiving medical treatment."

Alex Bennett, executive director of business development at Medical Center of South Arkansas, said that six patients were brought to the hospital and four were subsequently transferred to the Arkansas Children's hospital burn unit, explaining that almost all burn patients in the state are transferred there. She said Sunday that the remaining two patients had also been transferred to Arkansas Children's.

"Our hearts and prayers go out to them and their families during this difficult time. We are committed to supporting these individuals," Delek's statement says.

The statement added that the refinery was in the process of turnaround activity, so there were no operational impacts to Delek Logistics or Delek US.

"All of our facilities have rigorous, well documented safety controls. Safety is one of our Core Values. A full investigation will be launched as soon as possible," the statement concludes.