The Fire Hose Carrier aka Aqua Blaster Patent 10,071,271  and the 1.5-inch Akron Brass Style Zero Torque Firefighting Nozzle can be an asset that will further enhance its capability and performance when manually operating a 1.5- and/or a 1.75-inch charged fire hose and 1.5 inch firefighting nozzle.

The purpose of both the Aqua Blaster and the Zero Torque Firefighting Nozzle is to minimize and or eliminate the stress and strain on the joints and back that's caused by the intense pressure of a charged fire hose which can cause fatigue and possible injuries.

The extended ZT handle on the Zero Torque Nozzle will allow the mobility of the Aqua Blaster's nozzle elbow swivel to pivot up and down more freely compared to the other existing traditional-style firefighting nozzles. The nozzle pivots up and down without interference or obstruction of its shutoff valve and parts like the nozzle elbow locking clamp and the nozzle elbow swivel stop bracket.

Included in the attachment is information pertaining to both the Akron Brass Zero Torque Firefighting Nozzle and the Aqua Blaster along with photo samples showing the Zero Torque Firefighting Nozzle on the Aqua Blaster.

A video link demonstration showing the Zero Torque Firefighting Nozzle being used with the Aqua Blaster is in the process of being made.

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