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Emergency Reporting

Emergency Reporting, a leader in cloud-based reporting and records management software (RMS) for fire, EMS, and other emergency response agencies, has acquired Medusa Medical Technologies.

Medusa Medical Technologies provides electronic patient care solutions to emergency response and EMS agencies around the world. The company operates from its headquarters in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, with an additional office in the United Kingdom.

Medusa Medical Technologies’ high-performing EMS software solutions, such as Siren Field User and Siren Web Administration, will complement Emergency Reporting’s ecosystem of solutions built to empower first responders around the world with the tools and data they need to keep themselves and their communities safe.

“The acquisition of Medusa Medical Technologies will allow us to further expand our global reach, and positions Emergency Reporting as a leader in first response software worldwide,” said Emergency Reporting CEO, David Nokes. “Medusa Medical Technologies patient care reporting and the ER Records Management ecosystem will unite in a shared vision for reduced complexity, increased flexibility, and a greater degree of data-driven, organizational intelligence for both fire and EMS customers globally.”

Medusa Medical Technologies has over 18 years of ePCR experience working with ambulance services, as well as mobile healthcare clinicians who need to capture patient care information on the go. The Siren Suite of solutions that Medusa Medical Technologies offers includes rapid data entry capabilities, real-time alerting, robust workflow tools, and powerful analytics that help improve processes and optimize organizational performance. Products in the Siren ePCR Suite include Siren Field User, Siren Workflow, Siren Data Analytics, Siren Notification Board, and Siren Field Editor. Their suite serves many customer segments, including British Columbia (Canada) EHS, Alberta (Canada) Health Services, East of England (UK), East Midlands (UK), Ireland’s Health Service, Nova Scotia (Canada) Emergency Health Services, MEMS (USA) and Mecklenburg County (USA), to name a few.

“The global effects of COVID-19 have made it even more apparent how vital it is for our global first responder and emergency service agencies to be digital, with the ability to complete their work from anywhere, whether in the field, at the station, or from their homes. I’m looking forward to working with Emergency Reporting to leverage a strategy for all of the Siren products, and to continue to improve the ways data is used to increase safety and collaboration in this field,” stated Glen V. Dexter, Chairman & CEO of Medusa Medical Technologies. “We are also going to be looking at how Emergency Reporting’s operational support modules, such as skills and asset management software, can enhance our customer experience in the near future.”