HAIX® is looking for firefighters who are tired of wearing their old rubber boots and want a chance to get their feet into a pair of leather boots. HAIX® would like entrants to tell them why they would like a new pair of leather firefighting boots and include a photo of their current boots. HAIX® will choose 10 lucky winners from our pool of entries to receive a free pair of HAIX® Fire Hunter® USA boots.

To submit an entry, follow this link and tell us why you would like to give rubber the boot! Sign-ups run between April 13th and April 22nd.

10 winners will be selected from all entries after close of contest and will be notified via email.

Each entrant must be over 18, be an active-duty firefighter, and live in the United States or Canada. Other terms and conditions apply. See website contest page for details.

For more information about the company and its products, visit www.haixusa.com or call 1 (866) 344-4249.