Spartan Emergency Response®, a subsidiary of REV Group® and leading manufacturer of fire apparatus, introduces Smart Reach™ Multi-Stance™, the patented new Smeal® ladder and outrigger control system that offers increased versatility and functionality for today’s firefighters.

The Smart Reach Multi-Stance system offers a 360-degree, no dead-zone functionality on Smeal aerials that can be adapted to the scene while maintaining full reach. This system delivers full-reach access, and provides real-time data, which gives firefighters the freedom to focus on what is most important – saving lives.

With the patented Multi-Stance™ technology, the operator is free to set up the outriggers to any reach that the fire scene will accommodate. The dynamic load chart then informs the operator of the appropriate load for the side of the apparatus that they are working from – 250 lb., 500 lb. or 750 lb. – essentially offering fire departments three fire trucks in one. Firefighters can set up each of the four outriggers at various lengths and tip loads to accommodate tight spaces at fire scenes. Multi-Stance allows the aerial to accommodate the full tip load of 750 lb. on one side of the truck where outriggers are fully extended, and a decreased tip load on the other side if the scene does not allow the outriggers to be fully extended.

“This system is set to revolutionize the fire industry by offering the latest technological advancements,” said Roger Lackore, senior director of Product Development for REV Fire Group. “With the Multi-Stance technology, you can extend the outriggers as far as you can get them or as narrow as you need and still be able to operate the apparatus. The advanced ramping controls allow even an inexperienced individual to operate the aerial smoothly and confidently.”The Smart Reach™ control console offers the next generation of electric and hydraulic aerial controls, giving users the ultimate in smooth operation. Set on a sleek styled pedestal, the control console features an easy-to-read 11-inch, full-color, high-definition touchscreen complimented with tactile intuitive controls. The console offers live aerial data, including allowable ladder load and ladder position. The apparatus driver navigating the fire scene can see outrigger obstruction status and leveling potential from the information screen in the cab.

Smart Reach™ also introduces Advance Rung Lighting, a series of RGB LED light strips running the length of the ladder. Firefighters can choose the color and display pattern of the aerial rung lighting through the control console. In addition to various colors to light up the aerial at night, users can choose effects like twinkling, rocket lights and more, all from the easy-to-use console.


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