CobraMax - Elkhart Brass


Elkhart Brass

Max out your Cobra EXM2 monitor with CobraMax. Featuring the power and performance of the Cobra EXM2 monitor, the CobraMax adds a combination cowling and lighting kit for customized personalization.  

The CobraMax features a thermoformed cowling which adds a layer of protection for much of the exposed wiring on the monitor, and is available in four colors: matte black, gloss black, gloss red, or gloss gray. The light module allows customizing your monitor with your own back-lit graphics on each side. Custom-etched side lenses can be ordered to personalize the light modules. Custom-etch options include the department emblem or company logo, station number, or other design. The lighting modules can be set to a variety of different colors including white, yellow, green, blue, and red, allowing additional customization to match your apparatus color scheme.

To learn more about customizing the CobraMax, visit or call (574) 295-8330.

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