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US Fire Pump Company unveils its new “SRT” Submersible Response Truck. The first of its kind truck  is capable of deploying two submersible pumps to achieve 4000+ gallons per minute of water supply from static sources. Outfitted with rescue tools, airbags, patient rescue equipment, a 7500lb crane and a compressed air system; the SRT is the perfect multi-purpose addition to your fleet for Urban Search & Rescue, Wilderness & Water Rescue, Haz-Mat, Industrial, Municipal or Wildland Fire Response.

Chris Ferrara, President/CEO states, “Solving complex water supply demands just became easier with the ability to quickly deploy submersibles from the SRT. The SRT puts in perspective that shuttling water back and forth when static water sources are near, are numbered. Adding rescue, extraction and Haz-Mat equipment and capabilities to this vehicle; makes this the ultimate service truck for departments around the Globe”

US Fire Pump is Holden, LA based collective of over 200 years of experience in design, manufacturing, marketing, and purchasing. The company’s founder, Chris Ferrara, has been involved in the firefighting industry for more than 40 years. Chris started his career as a Fireman where he later used his skills learned and his innovative ideas to found and operate a premier Fire Apparatus manufacturer for more than 4 decades. Under Chris’ leadership over 7000 fire apparatus were built for customers across the Globe. Protecting the lives of the public and fire industry personnel while limiting property damage is the primary mission of US Fire Pump. 

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