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IDEX Fire & Safety is building upon its revolutionary SAM™ automated flow control system with the launch of the SAM Smart Nozzle with N2P Technology.  The SAM™ Smart Nozzle pairs with SAM, on a proprietary network, giving the attack crew control of the water flow and providing key decision-making information where it is needed most.  

“IDEX Fire & Safety is continuing to listen to the challenges firefighters face and leads the industry forward with the launch of the SAM Smart Nozzle,” said Bill Simmons, president of IDEX Fire & Safety. “Our N2P Technology extends SAM water flow automation to the point of attack, further increasing speed of response and safety on the fire scene. This is a groundbreaking advancement in firefighting technology.”

The innovative SAM Smart Nozzle helps with common fireground challenges. SAM Nozzle allows the attack crew at a fire scene to view water availability by tracking the water source and supply, it automatically adjusts the nozzle to operate at the desired pressure and flow, and to charge the hose line on demand without tying up the pump operator or scene communications. With patent-pending Nozzle-to-Pump Technology, SAM Smart Nozzle gives the crew on the line direct information and provides feedback to the truck by looping between the truck and the nozzle using the SAM System technology.

SAM Smart Nozzle works with the patented SAM, the integrated total water flow control system that manages the truck’s pump, tank, intakes and discharges to make complex pump operations simple. Launched in 2019, SAM System has evolved and its second-generation launches this year to offer six new features that make the system more user friendly and efficient.

“SAM System manages the water flow, so the operator can focus on the changing conditions of the fireground and the safety of their crew. SAM Nozzle takes it a step further,” said Jason Cerrano, SAM business line leader of IDEX Fire & Safety. Cerrano, a former firefighter, is the inventor of SAM Integrated Total Water Control System.

“With SAM Nozzle, we’ve amped up on-site support for the crew by giving them direct information and control in a situation when timeliness is key,” Cerrano said.

IDEX Fire & Safety showcased the innovative technology, demonstrating the features, and provided hands-on trial during 2021 FDIC International in Indianapolis.

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