- Raymond Routhier, Radio-Canada

Raymond Routhier, Radio-Canada

Seven people—some with severe burns—were rushed to the hospital following an industrial accident at a wood-manufacturing plant in Beauceville, Quebec, Canada, on Sept. 20.  .

Saint-Georges Hospital has issued a code orange and has asked for personnel from elsewhere to come and help.

Six people suffered injuries so serious that they had to be intubated and transferred to the trauma unit at the Enfant-Jesus Hospital in Quebec City for more specialized care.

The plant, operated by the Matra Group, specializes in transforming finger-jointed wood into door and window components.  According to its company's website, the factory specializes in the drying and processing of "jointed and laminated wood into door and window components."

Firefighters at the scene doused water on a nearby laundry services building to protect it.