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With the introduction of the Advantage 900 Half-Mask Respirator, MSA will discontinue Advantage 290 respirators, effective immediately.

Since the outbreak of global pandemic COVID-19, MSA has been making every effort to bring the latest innovations to the market in order to protect people’s lives by utilizing its expertise in industrial respiratory protection and leveraging its capacity in US-based manufacturing facilities.

As a result, earlier this year, MSA introduced Advantage 290 half-mask respirator, the first NIOSH-approved source-controlled reusable elastomeric respirator. Recently, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services awarded MSA with a $4M contract to provide Advantage290 half-mask respirators and P100 particulate filters as part of the Strategic National Stockpile.

Since then, MSA has enhanced the current Advantage 290 half-mask respirator design by adding a speech diaphragm for clear communication as well as a new head cradle system for ease of use. This is the company's new Advantage 900 half mask respirator, which was launched on November 05.

With the introduction of Advantage 900 half-mask respirator, MSA will discontinue Advantage 290 respirators, effective immediately. The part numbers impacted are 10217165, 10217166, and 10217167. The company will continue to fulfill customer orders as long as the inventory lasts.