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What do you have when you combine industrial fire and emergency response managers with products and services used to support them in fire protection along with emergency response incidents and experts known worldwide for their understanding of industrial fire and emergency response issues? YOU HAVE INDUSTRIAL FIRE WORLD, founded by David White in 1985.

David White envisioned greater safety in industrial fire and emergency response through timely delivery of reliable, real world expertise as well as research and testing updates. At that time, industrial fire and emergency response managers had few opportunities to exchange information with peers within their company and seldom received information from peers in other companies. No one tracked issues that affected options for managing complex fire protection needs of massive proportions.

David White started Industrial Fire World on two interlinking platforms. IFW magazine links fire and emergency response managers to timely information quarterly. The Industrial Fire World Emergency Responder Conference drew worldwide managers together annually giving them a time and a place to learn from each other and look at alternatives offered by new technology and strategy. Some companies held planning and training sessions in coordination with the conference. The conference has not been held since 2011, but when market conditions are right it will return.

The Internet brought a third platform, www.fireworld.com. Thank you for visiting our Web site. We strive to link you to valuable, reliable resources and provide an opportunity for you to search articles and incident logs we have published since 1995. Learn about training through our training calendar and links to private and public training sources. We also feature YouTube links to video clips we generate about events in industry we cover.

Today's industrial fire and emergency response managers are subject to corporate mergers, downsizing, economy-driven decisions and environmental and political policy directives. We strive to help them keep abreast of options that will make them successful with the resources available to them. Send David White a message to share your information needs or to learn about his contract training and consulting services.

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