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Deceased Worker at Ohio Titanium Mill Tests Negative for COVID-19

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Checklist for Buying Radiation Detectors

I want to share some thoughts about how we could perform better as emergency responders. A 40-year career has given me plenty of experience in all aspects of this business, good and disastrous. Let’s start with equipment purchases.


Oval Brand's Fire Extinguisher

Bill Gough conducting live-fire test with the Oval extinguisher.

Bill Gough installs and inspects fire extinguishers for a living in Bryan, TX. He ranks the Oval Brand Fire Products extinguisher as comparable to any other 10-pound ABC or dry chemical extinguisher on the market.



Eliminating two fire elements is better than one


Cool Gas

Solid source nitrogen minimizes fire suppression storage


OSHA Urges Lower Beryllium Levels

Federal regulators are proposing a new standard that would dramatically lower workplace exposure to beryllium, a widely used material that can cause devastating lung diseases.