Philadelphia refinery workers honored for actions following June explosion, fire

PESrefinery A look at Philadelphia Energy Solutions refinery complex in southwest Philadelphia. The refinery is the oldest and largest refinery on the East Coast. ASSOCIATED PRESS
Philadelphia, PA - Four employees of the Philadelphia Energy Solutions refinery in South Philadelphia were honored Sunday for their efforts in the wake of the massive explosion and fire that rocked the facility back in June. TO READ ENTIRE ARTICLE, CLICK HERE
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Fire fighting legend plans September symposium

Dwight Dwight Williams
A one-day symposium featuring well known industrial firefighter Dwight Williams addressing important techniques and strategies for dealing with large volume flammable liquid fires will be held Sept. 24, 2019 in Beaumont, TX. “Tank Fires, Lesson Learned and Some Forgotten …” will combine classroom lectures conducted at the MCM Eleganté Hotel with fire field exercises held at the Industrial Rescue Fire Training Field. “We have a whole generation of responders who have never seen a major fire,” Williams said. “This is an opportunity to talk about major fires, what to expect and how to prepare. ”Williams, the founder of Williams Fire & Hazard Control, came out of retirement in March to take a major role in the joint effort to extinguish the stubborn 64-hour blaze at Intercontinental Terminals Co. in Deer Park, TX. Flames spread through petrochemical products in and around 15 storage tanks, unleashing a plume of black smoke tracked by...
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Force Majeure Isn’t Always the Excuse That Suppliers Think It Is

Force majeure clauses are intended to protect parties to a legal contract from losses caused by disruptive events beyond their control. But supply-chain partners might be surprised to learn what such language doesn’t cover. TO READ THE ENTIRE ARTICLE, CLICK HERE
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PES to begin laying off union refinery workers on Thursday: sources

PES The Philadelphia Energy Solutions oil refinery is shown following a recent fire that caused significant damage to the complex, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, U.S., June 26, 2019. REUTERS
Refiner Philadelphia Energy Solutions will begin dismissing some of its 640 union workers on Thursday, more than a week before its stated Aug. 25 termination date, two sources familiar with the plan said. TO READ ENTIRE ARTICLE CLICK HERE
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Tyson fire disrupts markets, supply chain

The fire that partly destroyed the Tyson Foods Finney County beef plant in Holcomb, Kan., (near Garden City) on Friday, August 10, took cattle futures limit down Monday morning as traders tried to assess what lost fed cattle slaughter capacity means to markets. TO READ ENTIRE ARTICLE, CLICK HERE
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President Donald Trump to visit Shell cracker plant in Pennsylvania Tuesday

Beaver2 President Trump will visit the Shell Cracker Plant in Monaca to focus on energy and jobs at the shell plant now under construction along the Ohio River; KDKA’s Jon Delano reports.
Beaver County, PA - President Donald Trump will visit the Shell cracker plant in Beaver County on Tuesday, Aug. 13, the White House said Thursday. TO READ THE ENTIRE ARTICLE, CLICK HERE
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'Toxic' Italian steel plant clean-up is a towering task

toleno Arcelor Mittal Italia is cleaning up the Taranto steel plant, which has been linked for years to reports of severe health problems (AFP Photo/Tiziana FABI)
Taranto (Italy) (AFP) - Rock climbers scale a giant canopy in Taranto to build the world's biggest iron-ore park cover as steel giant ArcelorMittal strives to clean up and turn around Italy's most polluting pla nt. To read entire article, CLICK HERE
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Williams Fire & Hazard Control exec Chauncey Naylor steps down

Naylor Chauncey Naylor
Long time Williams Fire & Hazard Control executive Chauncey Naylor has submitted his resignation effective Sept. 2. The announcement was posted Tuesday to the Williams Fire & Hazard Control's Linkedin page.  Extending best wishes to Chauncey Naylor, who is retiring from Johnson Controls on September 2nd. Chauncey has been an integral member of the WILLIAMS FIRE & HAZARD CONTROL business, as the Director of the Emergency Response Operations & Training team, and an esteemed member of the WILLIAMS FIRE & HAZARD CONTROL Emergency Response team. Both groups have benefitted from his extensive field experience and vast industry knowledge, and are eager and well-prepared to propel the WILLIAMS FIRE & HAZARD CONTROL brand forward! We would like to thank Chauncey for his 23 years of service and congratulate him on his well-deserved retirement! To reach Williams Fire & Hazard Control's Linkedin page, CLICK HERE
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Neutralization of hydrofluoric acid to begin Monday at PES refinery

PES Fire fighters continue to battle flames at the PES refinery. (Emma Lee/WHYY)
Philadelphia, PA - Workers at the Philadelphia Energy Solutions refinery in South Philadelphia are planning to start neutralizing tens of thousands of barrels of a highly toxic chemical beginning Monday (Aug. 5). The refinery is shutting down after an explosion and fire destroyed part of the plant. The company has entered Chapter 11 bankruptcy. TO READ ENTIRE ARTICLE, CLICK HERE
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A look back at the worst industrial fires and explosions in Houston's history

Houston, TX - Houston is no stranger to impactful industrial fires, many that have claimed dozens and dozens of lives over the years. TO READ THE ENTIRE ARTICLE, CLICK HERE
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Two businesses are contesting citations issued by OSHA following a fire and explosion that killed an Iowa firefighter in January.

clinton The Occupational Safety and Health Administration issued a citation with penalties totaling $55,894 against this Archer Daniels Midland facility in Clinton following a Jan. 5 fire and explosion that killed a Clinton firefighter. ADM is contesting the citation.
CLINTON, IA - Two businesses are contesting citations issued by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration following a fire and explosion that killed a Clinton firefighter in January. TO READ ENTIRE ARTICLE, CLICK HERE
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A distribution center fire almost melted Ben and Jerry’s summer trip

Burlington, VT - On Wednesday, Ben & Jerry’s kicked off a summer event tour showcasing plant-based dining and their non-dairy flavors, but a fire at one of their distribution centers earlier this month almost derailed those plans. TO READ THE ENTIRE ARTICLE, CLICK HERE
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Firefighters to honor fallen from 1956 McKee Refinery fire

mckee 1956 Shamrock McKee Refinery fire
"Firefighting is a brotherhood.  We remember the fallen, and we make sure that we honor their memory," said Dumas Fire Department Chief Ronald Pray.  The Dumas Fire Department, along with the Sunray Volunteer Fire Department and the Valero Emergency Response Team, will be conducting a ceremony to pay tribute to the 19 who died in the line of duty on July 29, 1956 fighting the Shamrock McKee Refinery fire and explosion, the fourth deadliest industrial/structural fire in United States history.  Only three other incidents, including 9-11, killed more firefighters than the McKee disaster, according to Pray.  The ceremony will take place on July 29, 2019 at 7:00 pm on the lawn of the Moore County Courthouse near the memorial that was erected in the wake of the tragedy. TO READ THE ENTIRE ARTICLE, CLICK HERE
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Michigan city aims to shut down plant operations after repeated chemical fires, gas clouds

belding Chlorine gas and smoke shroud Kassouni Manufacturing Inc. on June 22 in Belding after a volatile chemical was mishandled and caught fire, according to state officials. At least seven chemical fires have happened at the facility, near a residential area, since 2007. (Courtesy Photo/Mel Cotton)
Belding, MI - Belding city leaders are looking for legal measures to permanently keep a company from using a volatile chemical it has repeatedly mishandled. TO READ THE ENTIRE ARTICLE, CLICK HERE
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Philadelphia Energy Solutions files for bankruptcy after refinery explosion and fire

ITCblast Philadelphia Energy Solutions files for bankruptcy after refinery explosion and fire.
Philadelphia, PA - Philadelphia Energy Solutions, whose oil refinery was destroyed in a massive fire last month, once again filed for bankruptcy (July 22). TO READ THE ENTIRE ARTICLE, CLICK HERE
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The ITC fire created 20 million gallons of waste. Getting rid of it is no easy task.

ITC Firefighters arrive at the site where the Intercontinental Terminals Company petrochemical fire reignited as crews tried to clean out the chemicals that remained in the tanks Friday, March 22, 2019, in Deer Park, Texas.Photo: Godofredo A. Vasquez, Houston Chronicle photographer.
Deer Park, TX - For about three weeks, a barge loaded with hazardous wastewater from the Deer Park chemical fire sat in limbo in the Houston Ship Channel. No one was quite sure whether the shipyard where it had been sent could process it. Ultimately, it was returned to the storage terminal from which it originated. TO READ THE ENTIRE ARTICLE, CLICK HERE
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Lubrizol's emergency response team aims to put out fires before they start

Lubrizol Greg Hollerbach, left, Matt Sadowski, and Greg Black are part of Lubrizol's fire and rescue responders. Adam Dodd - The News-Herald
Painesville Twp., OH - The Lubrizol facility in Painesville Township is a major manufacturing plant spread across more than 158 acres. TO READ THE ENTIRE ARTICLE, CLICK HERE
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Chris Ferrara honored with 2019 Red Adair Award

presentation Dwight Williams, David White, Chris Ferrara and Lynn White
Industrial Fire World magazine honored Chris Ferrara, owner of US Fire Pump, with its 2019 Red Adair Award Tuesday(July 16) in recognition of his accomplishments in improving fire equipment used in industrial firefighting. "What a great honor," Ferrara said. "I'm glad to be in this industry and really make a difference." The award, presented during the US Fire Pump 2019 Hospitality Night in College Station, TX.  recognizes leadership in dealing with industrial emergencies.Ferrara was formerly the owner of Ferrara Fire Apparatus in Holden, LA. Adair, who died in August 2004 at age 89, was a highly respected leader in the specialized field of oil well firefighting. His lengthy career was capped in 1991 when he took a lead role in extinguishing the many oil well fires in Kuwait set by the retreating Iraqi army after the Gulf War. “The greatest aspect of this award is its tie to Red,” IFW publisher...
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2018 Red Adair Award winner announces retirement

Panger Superior, MI Fire Chief Steve Panger
Superior, MI - Superior’s fire chief is making plans to step into retirement Sept. 30 after a 26-year career with the department. TO READ THE ENTIRE ARTICLE, CLICK HERE
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Ocado takes $137 million hit from warehouse blaze sparked by robot

Ocado Firefighters at the scene of Ocado robotic warehouse in Andover, Hampshire after a huge blaze that swept through the building was brought under control. (Photo by Andrew Matthews/PA Images via Getty Images)
A devastating fire that ripped through an Ocado warehouse in the south of England in February, leaving it unusable, cost the online retailer $137 million (£110 million). TO READ THE ENTIRE ARTICLE, CLICK HERE
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