David White - IFW Letter to US House of Representatives / PFAS Task Force

Representative Dan Kildee 203 Cannon House Office Building Washington, DC 20515 Dear Representative Kildee, I just learned that you are co-chairing a PFAS Task Force to address the potential regulation of PFAS used in firefighting foams.  I would like to take this opportunity to share information with you on the cost to our country if fire-fighting foams are to be required to be PFAS free.  For the past 33 years I have dedicated my expertise and resources to provide industrial fire and emergency responders with information about the best practices and resources available to do their jobs safely and effectively.  I’ve been involved as a neutral expert to test firefighting foam effectiveness as ethanol fuels were required to be transported across the nation because it cannot be delivered from production to distribution by pipelines.  I’ve also worked closely with other experts to study Boilovers that can result when crude fuel storage...
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Foam is an essential firefighting resource and most pumpers carry both Class A and B. The challenge is to quickly and efficiently convert containers of foam solution to firefighting foam in the correct proportion to suppress whatever type of fire is involved. Proper proportioning saves foam and water while making fire suppression quicker. Sir William Osler, a founder of John Hopkins Hospital, maintained that the practice of medicine is an art, based on science. The same can be said of proportioning foam concentrate to extinguish fires. Today, electronics help master the weird alchemy of foam proportioning, but the cutting edge technology can be as mysterious as any witches’ brew devised by the foam formulators. Over the next five weeks this hot topic category will explore the latest foam proportioning resources available. Use this resource to share your questions for your benefit as well as your industrial emergency response colleagues’ benefit. FoamPro...
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