Foam is an essential firefighting resource and most pumpers carry both Class A and B. The challenge is to quickly and efficiently convert containers of foam solution to firefighting foam in the correct proportion to suppress whatever type of fire is involved. Proper proportioning saves foam and water while making fire suppression quicker.

Sir William Osler, a founder of John Hopkins Hospital, maintained that the practice of medicine is an art, based on science. The same can be said of proportioning foam concentrate to extinguish fires. Today, electronics help master the weird alchemy of foam proportioning, but the cutting edge technology can be as mysterious as any witches’ brew devised by the foam formulators.

Over the next five weeks this hot topic category will explore the latest foam proportioning resources available. Use this resource to share your questions for your benefit as well as your industrial emergency response colleagues’ benefit.

FoamPro offers a proportioning system that streamlines the complicated process. Flow-based, microprocessor-controlled technology allows concentrate to be delivered on demand. By injecting into the discharge side, proportioning performance is not affected by external factors such as nozzle, length of hose lay, nozzle elevation or incoming pressure to the water pump. Full fire pump discharge performance is delivered to the outlet because the flowmeter doesn’t restrict water flow.

No other system operates as easily and accurately as FoamPro. At the push of a button or flip of a switch, the system automatically reads water flow and injects concentrate: from 0.1% to 10.0%. FoamPro’s patented pump control assures unmatched accuracy across the full performance range, saving concentrate and dollars.

Their Power-Fill is an electronically-controlled, pre-plumbed, self-priming, concentrate refill system that saves time and increases firefighters’ safety. Simply push a button or switch, to quickly reload on-board foam cells, without messy spillage. Most importantly, Power-Fill safely eliminates awkward and strenuous lifting of concentrate containers and allows easier transfer from totes.

These systems fill the largest tanks quickly and efficiently, at up to 18 gallons per minute, depending on viscosity. The non-corrosive pump, with high-drafting capabilities, is compatible with all concentrates and viscosities currently in use.

What are your foam proportioning challenges? 

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