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Industrial Firefighters Ready to Help Communities Battle COVID-19
Texas Volunteers Confront Uncertain Silo Situation
Plainville, Kansas: April 1, 2010
Puerto Rico: Oct. 23, 2009
Illiopolis, Illinois: April 23, 2004
Pearland, Texas: May 1, 2002

Pearland, Texas: May 1, 2002

Beyond the risk to life and property, a fire at a plant or refinery can have a long term impact of the economic welfare of the community. However, that doesn't change the basic equation of industrial fire fighting that no water means no fire protection.

July 1, 2003

Brownsville, Wisconsin: July 12, 2002
Nebraska City, Nebraska: Jan. 23, 2002
Sealy, Texas: July 24, 2000
Houston, Texas: Dec. 22, 1996