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Toxic Release in Spain Triggers Shelter-in-Place Order
Fireball Engulfs Overturned Tanker Truck in Indiana
Exhaust Scrubber Ignites at Pennsylvania Factory
Hazmat Cargo Removed From Overturned Tanker in Kentucky
Asbestos Scare at UK Fire Unfounded
2 Killed in Northwest Houston Factory Explosion

Hazmat: Notifying John Q. Public

When the big bell rings it is "all hands on deck" to load up and get underway. We have to remember the most important element, namely communication with John Q. Public.

October 1, 2019

Innovation: Necessity, Ingenuity, and Invention

The man who established the first formally organized volunteer fire department in 1736 also invented bifocals, wrote and printed Poor Richard’s “Almanack,” studied electricity and helped draft the Declaration of Independence.

October 1, 2016