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Sterlington, Louisiana: May 1, 1991

Sterlington, Louisiana: May 1, 1991

Mission creep is the expansion of a project or mission beyond its original goals, often after initial successes. It is a fact of life with which firefighters must live.

May 4, 2020

Baton Rouge, Louisiana: Dec. 24, 1989
Revisiting New Carissa's 1999 Grounding: What We Can Learn
Bringing Together Process, Utility Piping is a Convenience at Most Plants and Refineries. But in a Fire it Can Quickly Lead to Danger.
Industrial Firefighters Ready to Help Communities Battle COVID-19
Working Outside the Gates During COVID-19
Chevron Veteran Returns to Brayton Fire Training Field
Texas Town Marks Seventh Anniversary of Epic Explosion
2008: St. Louis ERs Confronted by Hazmat Crisis
Air Force Firefighters Lend Support at German Factory Fire
Training During a Health Crisis
COVID-19 Gives Industrial Hygiene New Importance
COVID-19 and Compliance
Revisiting the 1999 City of New Orleans Train Derailment
TEEX Training Reinforces the Basics

TEEX Training Reinforces the Basics

Nobody on the Brayton Fire Training Field during the annual Industrial Fire School in July knows the pipe alley project better than retired Exxon firefighter Harold Broom. He has served as an instructor on the prop for 10 years, graduating to module leader for the course four years ago.

March 11, 2020