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Carpet Factory in Southern Quebec Lost to Flames

Six-hour operation suspended to prevent runoff from polluting nearby river

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Canadian Energy Company Fined $200K in 2018 Refinery Blast

Localized corrosion in hydrogen desulfurization unit blamed for explosion that injured 80

Responders Extinguish Stamping Plant Blaze in Canada

Flames broke out in cutting fluids used at the plant

Revisiting the 2015 Vancouver Port Hazmat Incident

When 22 tons of pool cleaning tablets began to oxidize in a shipping container, acrid fumes created a toxic cloud.

Another Crude Oil Train Goes off the Rails in Canada

Railroads have been operating under 30-day speed restrictions in the wake of Feb. 6 accident in Saskatchewan.

Canadian Derailment Probe Shows No Operator Error

The fiery Feb. 6 train derailment spilled 7,500 barrels of crude in Saskatchewan.

Tire Recycling Plant Fire Brought Under Control in Canada

The same plant burned nearly 40 hours during a 2016 emergency.

Shrimp Processor Won't Rebuild After Fire

A Canadian fishing village takes an economic hit after losing its plant to a fire in May.

Canadian Plastics Factory Fire Forces Power Outage

To aid firefighters, officials cut power to the surrounding Montreal neighborhood.

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Derailed Crude Oil Train Continues to Burn in Canada

The Canadian government issues an order for trains hauling dangerous goods to reduce speed.