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Training for Multiple Terrorist Attacks

While terrorism may not be your team's number-one concern and the technical rescue disciplines covered and equipment tested in this exercise may not be important to you, the concept of this type of exercise should be.

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Training to Utilize Outside Resources

Every team that is tasked with the responsibility of emergency response faces the likelihood of one day being overwhelmed when confronted with a major or large scale incident.

How to Use Respiratory Protection

Industrial emergency response teams also have the potential to utilize the full gamut of respiratory protection.

The Simplest Solution Is Often the Best

In a collapse or extrication, we should always think of the six-sided approach.

ICS/NIMS Training Mission to Africa

The FDNY and the USFS had worked extensively together during operations following the devastating attacks on the World Trade Center, with the USFS assisting with incident management.

Ground Ladders: Thinking Outside the Box

In FDNY manuals, there are techniques to use ladders to: bridge over alleyways (also used over excavations), to replace burnt-out stairs, and to bridge over fences (utilizing two ladders lashed together).

Conducting a Size-Up: Closing the Loop

This column is the second in a two part series discussing the importance of the scene size-up and how to train to perform this vital function.

Conducting a Size-Up: An Introduction

A size-up is the continuing assessment of the situation encountered by the emergency responder.

Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment

The process of identifying potential major incidents can be challenging as opposed to smaller incidents.

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Initial Entry Training for First Responders

In this column, I will discuss a buffet-style option of setting up an emergency response team’s training program.