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Fire History

What, Where, and How Much?

Unfortunately, even the most sophisticated detection and alarm systems have one inherent drawback: no alarm is of any value if no one is around to hear it and respond appropriately.

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Innovation: An American Hallmark

From the time that some long forgotten firefighter discovered that a hollowed out log fitted with a piston and a restriction at the end could be used to direct a stream of water onto the heart of a fire, firefighters have been involved in the evolution of emergency response tools and equipment.

Expanding Use of Contract Firefighters

Over the past 20 years, there has been a global trend, notably in the United Kingdom and much of Western Europe of the public fire services are saying that they will not enter a warehouse unless there is a life at stake.

Improvising a Rescue by Ground Ladder

Aside from the obvious use of ladders for climbing, the use of ladders as a means of supporting a rope-based rescue system appears to have been born during the Second World War.

The Evolution of Personal Protective Equipment

It behooves those in charge of emergency response operations to try to strike a balance between providing protection, the physiological cost, and the technical limitations of carrying out monitoring protocols.

Innovation: Necessity, Ingenuity, and Invention

The man who established the first formally organized volunteer fire department in 1736 also invented bifocals, wrote and printed Poor Richard’s “Almanack,” studied electricity and helped draft the Declaration of Independence.

Oklahoma State's International Role

Oklahoma State University's fire protection curriculum equips leaders in industrial hygiene, fire technology and safety.

West Point of the Fire Service

Oklahoma State University's firefighter training curriculum traces its heritage back to the 1930s.

Politics and Properties of Hazmat

This is the real world. Regulations, necessary though they may be, will never replace the common sense approach of an experienced incident commander who has been significantly involved in an incident response and actually "squirted water in anger."

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Red Adair Lives

Granddaughter keeps memory of famed oil well firefighter alive.