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Firefighter Health

PPE Wash Downs Reducing PFAS in Firefighters

Funding supports assessment of firefighter exposure through multiple pathways.

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Delaware Refinery Settles with Air Regulators Over Fire

The latest violations involve more than 6 tons of air pollutants released.

French Firefighters Exposed to Asbestos in Lubrizol Fire

Direct contact puts emergency responders at risk for lung cancer.

Professional Rescue Doctrine Tested in Washington

A wildland firefighter burned over 70% of his body in 2015 has reached a $5 million settlement with two utility companies for failing to keep branches away from a power line that caused the fire.

The Benefits of Flourinated Firefighting Foam

Fluorine foams remain indispensable to industrial firefighting, expert says.

Phillips 66 Tracks Firefighters' Cardiac Health

For Timothy Raycob, director of compliance for medical surveillance at Phillips 66, much of the job means closely monitoring personnel for exposure to hazardous materials.

Evolution in Organizing Safety Data

Safety data sheets are now organized so that information is in 16 categories and in an order that make sense.

California Fire Captain Struggles With Cancer Diagnosis

Hearing the words, “You have cancer,” once in your life is terrible enough. Robert Taylor, captain with the Chevron El Segundo ERT, has heard it twice in the last eight years.

Psychological Trauma Among Firefighters

Psychological trauma is real, especially for first responders. OSHA reports that one of the top causes of firefighter deaths is suicide.

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Frostbite: Jack Frost Nipping at Your Extremities

When exposed to cold temperature, the human body begins to lose heat faster than it’s produced.