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Firefighting Foam

How Floating Roof Storage Tanks Work

An internal floating roof's purpose is to create a seal between the tank and the atmosphere. Sealing a tank leaves no gap through which to distribute foam. Foam can be pumped in through a manhole.

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Understanding Obstacle Fire Hazards

It's important to understand the various characteristics associated with specific fire extinguisher models placed within such settings, as well as the types and configurations of Class B fires that can be presented.

National Foam Discontinues PFAS Foam Sales in MD

National Foam announced March 1 that it will discontinue the sale of all PFAS-based foam concentrates into the State of Maryland.

Pellston Airport Deals With Another PFAS Spill

Officials report the PFAS spill happened during required testing of one of the Pellston Airport's onsite crash trucks.

Study Shows Almost All Fire Stations’ Dust Is From Unknown ‘Forever Chemicals’

A new study heightens concerns about firefighters’ exposure to the fluorinated “forever chemicals” known as PFAS: Nearly 99 percent of the fluorine found in tests of dust from inside fire stations likely came from unknown PFAS chemicals that could not be identified as ones that researchers had tested for.

Elevated PFAS Levels Found Near Foam Testing Facility

Filtration system may have been overcome by heavy summer rains.

Lawsuit Challenges DOD's Fire Foam Disposal in New York State

A contract to incinerate foam containing fluorinated compounds has been called into question.

PPE Wash Downs Reducing PFAS in Firefighters

Funding supports assessment of firefighter exposure through multiple pathways.

Firefighting Foam Overflows at Virginia Airport Hangar

A deluge-type fire suppression system had been accidentally activated.

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Thunderstorm W813A Foam

Williams Fire & Hazard Control's Thunderstorm W813A is an aqueous film forming foam concentrate that combines flourocarbon and hydrocarbon surfactant to provide superior fire and vapor suppression for Class B, polar solvent, and hydrocarbon fuel fires.