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OSHA Cites TPC For November 2019 Terminal Fire in Texas

Company accused of "willfull violations" regarding employee safety.

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OSHA Cites Employers for Confined Space Steam Release

Worker injured while working on a steam vault at Northwestern University

Safety Lapse Blamed for On-the-Job Amputation

OSHA cites New Jersey company for failing to implement lockout/tagout procedures

OSHA Cites Florida Manufacturer for Safety Hazards

Violations listed include lack of machine guarding and improperly storing flammable materials

Illinois Manufacturer Fined for Machine Hazards to Employees

Moving machine parts fractured and burned an employee's hand

Workplace Safety Probe Launched After California Refinery Fire

California occupational safety investigators have begun an investigation into Marathon's refinery following a Feb. 25 fire.

OSHA Charges Pennsylvania Workers Exposed to Toxic Fumes

Exposure to hexavalent chromium can result in significant adverse health effects.

OSHA Cites Ohio Ammunition Company Following Deadly Fire, Explosion

The 19 violations could mean a potential fine of $211,768.

New Jersey Manufacturing Plant Cited by OSHA in Crane Accident

Company cited for workplace safety and health hazards at its Delair foundry.

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Ohio Plating Worker Drowns in Factory Vat

The vat reportedly contained liquid chromic acid.