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Refinery Fires

Massive Fireball Erupts at Chinese Petrochemical Plant

Video on social media shows workers fleeing from the flames.

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10-Hour Refinery Fire in Northeast Russia Injures 1

At one point, flames covered a 1,000-square-meter area, city's mayor says.

Fire Crews Battle Oklahoma Refinery Blaze

A lengthy fire broke out Thursday afternoon in a process unit at the Phillips 66 oil refinery in Ponca City, Oklahoma, the Ponca City News reports.

ExxonMobil Must Provide Information About California Refinery Explosion

ExxonMobil must comply with a subpoena issued by the U.S. Chemical Safety Board demanding information about containing hydrofluoric acid on the site of a 2015 oil refinery explosion in Torrance, California, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals ruled Monday.

Corroded Pipe Caused Philadelphia Refinery Disaster

Federal investigators believe a rupture pipe elbow was at fault in a June 2019 explosion and fire at the Philadelphia Energy Solutions refinery in Pennsylvania, according to the U.S. Chemical Safety Board.

Labor Day Blues in Philly

Irony is defined as expressing one’s meaning by using language that normally signifies the opposite. For an example look no further than the recent Labor Day celebration in Philadelphia barely two months after an explosion and fire closed the Philadelphia Energy Solutions refinery complex.

Shrapnel From Blast Set Stage for April Refinery Fire

Rather than race to the scene, Superior, Wisconsin, Fire Chief Steve Panger went straight to fire department headquarters when an April 26 refinery explosion rocked the community.

Romeoville, Illinois: July 23, 1984

In July 1984, explosions and fire at an Illinois refinery claimed 17 lives. Of those, 11 who died were industrial responders, the most ever lost in a single incident.

Savannah, Georgia: Feb. 7, 2008

Sugar refinery explosion brings firefighters together.

Baton Rouge, Louisiana: Dec. 24, 1989

Christmas 1989 fire hits Baton Rouge, Louisiana, refinery.