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Special Operations

Machinery Kills Woman Working at Raisin Processing Facility

The worker's loose clothing was snagged by operating equipment.

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Hazmat Leak in California Triggers Evacuation

The chemical plant spilled nearly 250 gallons of acrolein.

Ohio Plating Worker Drowns in Factory Vat

The vat reportedly contained liquid chromic acid.

5000 Series Plunger Rams

The RA5321 and RA5331 are single plunger rams, while the RA5322 and RA5332 offer a plunger on either side of the tool.

A Systematic Approach to Rescue Ops

Amid the chaos and excitement of any rescue operation, there are often important aspects of incident that can be overlooked. Sometimes, the sequencing of tasks becomes disjointed.

The Simplest Solution Is Often the Best

In a collapse or extrication, we should always think of the six-sided approach.

Revisiting the Gulf Coast Hurricanes

In the aftermath of any major catastrophe it is all too easy to find fault; fault with anybody or anything, just so long as we can fix blame.

Dealing with Opiod Overdose Epidemic

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, every day, more than 90 Americans die after overdosing on opioids. Rarely is this a case of accidental death, but it's certainly a lack of awareness.

Accepting Different Ways of Thinking

Large platforms do have maneuverability issues, and do take time to set up. This has to be compared with the time, pumps, hose, foam, and staffing needed to develop a 5,000 gpm stream.

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Formula for a Double Trouble Emergency

Not only do heat emergencies cause hypovolemia (loss of fluid), but loss of blood chemistry (electrolytes).