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Special Operations

Accepting Different Ways of Thinking

Large platforms do have maneuverability issues, and do take time to set up. This has to be compared with the time, pumps, hose, foam, and staffing needed to develop a 5,000 gpm stream.

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Halogens: Modern Blessing Comes With a Bite

The name halogen translates to "salt former." These are the elements that react to form compounds known as salts.

Improvising a Rescue by Ground Ladder

Aside from the obvious use of ladders for climbing, the use of ladders as a means of supporting a rope-based rescue system appears to have been born during the Second World War.

Innovation: Necessity, Ingenuity, and Invention

The man who established the first formally organized volunteer fire department in 1736 also invented bifocals, wrote and printed Poor Richard’s “Almanack,” studied electricity and helped draft the Declaration of Independence.

Rope Rescue: A Piggyback 4:1 Haul System

The piggybacked 4:1 haul system is the most efficient simple haul system because the greatest mechanical advantage is created with the fewest pulleys, thus minimizing friction within the haul system.

Vancouver, Canada: March 4, 2015

A hazmat emergency involving a shipping container shut down North America’s third largest port facility.

Politics and Properties of Hazmat

This is the real world. Regulations, necessary though they may be, will never replace the common sense approach of an experienced incident commander who has been significantly involved in an incident response and actually "squirted water in anger."

St. Louis ERs Face Hazmat Crisis

Almost all the initial information about a Labor Day weekend hazardous materials emergency that spread from an Illinois packaging plant to four hospitals in and around St. Louis, shutting down two major emergency rooms for nearly a day, proved to be wrong.

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