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How Floating Roof Storage Tanks Work

An internal floating roof's purpose is to create a seal between the tank and the atmosphere. Sealing a tank leaves no gap through which to distribute foam. Foam can be pumped in through a manhole.

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6 Considerations for an Effective Pre-Plan

Pre-plans for fire emergencies must be continually edited and updated.

Kansas Refinery's First-Tier Fire Training Field

The 10-acre training field comes complete with a combination multiple-story burn building and high angle rope rescue prop, a four-level simulated process unit, and a 24-foot diameter bulk storage tank.

Proper API Storage Tank Maintenance

With tanks, original blueprints and drawings should be kept as reference points. These documents can be used to compare notes and measurements such as steel thickness.

Flames Spread Through 7 Crude Storage Tanks in Syria

An initial explosion in one tank touched off the rest.

Milford Haven Refinery Fire Marks 37th Anniversary

Held the record for largest crude storage tank fire for 18 years.

Storage Tank Blaze Quickly Extinguished in Texas

Firefighter brought the emergency under control in 45 minutes.

Flames Spread Through Tank Farm at Chinese Biofuel Plant

Bio-diesel and formaldehyde reported to be burning.

Lightning Touches Off Crude Oil Storage Tank in Mississippi

Three adjacent tanks saved from ignition.

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Thunderstorm Ignites Storage Tank Seal Fire in Malaysia

Video shows fire circling the tank between the roof and shell.