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CSB Releases New Video Focusing on Hurricane Season

2017 Arkema Chemical emergency illustrates the danger that extreme weather presents.

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"Burp" Causes Blast at Texas Natural Gas Plant

Flammable liquid reached a burning pressure relief flare.

OSHA Cites TPC For November 2019 Terminal Fire in Texas

Company accused of "willfull violations" regarding employee safety.

Mutual Aid Response Battles Texas Recycling Plant Fire

Smoke from the massive fire visible from National Weather Service satellite

Texas Town Marks Seventh Anniversary of Epic Explosion

Massive blast at fertilizer plant in West, Texas, killed 15, injured hundreds

Texas Hazmat Team Secures Warehouse Ammonia Leak

Workers returned to their jobs less than 90 minutes after the first warning

Texas Fire School Cancels, Postpones Classes Through April 8

Texas A&M Engineering Extension Service operates the largest fire training academy in the U.S.

Hotel Provided for Houston Firefighters in Quarantine

Four of eight Houston responders exposed were not able to quarantine at home

IRECA Conference Still Slated for June in Texas

Annual event brings together professionals and students specializing in emergency rescue

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Texas Shrimp Researchers Lose Production Building to Fire

NaturalShrimp hopes to market ocean-quality shrimp raised in a salt-water aquaculture system