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US Fire Pump

Red Adair Award Presented to Chris Ferrara

Industrial Fire World magazine honored Chris Ferrara, owner of US Fire Pump, with its 2019 Red Adair Award in recognition of his accomplishments in improving fire equipment used in industrial firefighting.

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US Fire Pump Crew Defeats ITC Blaze

In the last year, US Fire Pump has extended its firefighting interests from manufacturing large-volume pumps and monitors to responding to industrial emergencies to use that equipment.

Signature Series Foam

US Fire Pump's Signature Series foam, the latest product from Dwight Williams, is a foam concentrate that's better than the original 3M ATC foam which he assisted in developing.

Williams' AR-AFFF Signature Foam Arrives

Dwight Williams joined with US Fire Pump and Auxquimia firefighting products of Spain in 2018 to introduce the new Signature Series 1% X 3% alcohol resistant aqueous film-forming foam concentrate to the international fire protection market.

Flourine vs. Non-Flourine Foam

Foam partners test fluorine and non-fluorine foams at Beaumont fire school.

The Benefits of Flourinated Firefighting Foam

Fluorine foams remain indispensable to industrial firefighting, expert says.

Dutch Port Chief Visits US Fire Symposium

Jan Waals is the director of the 315-member Joint Fire Brigade, an organization that provides firefighting and other assistance for the Port of Rotterdam, which is Europe's largest port.

US Fire Pump Demonstrates 30,000 GPM Flow

Nearly 20,000 gallons per minute of the big flow originated from two US Fire Pump submersible units at a Louisiana training event.

Ferrara's Inundator Skyflow Aerial

Ferrara innovations introduced at FDIC

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Boost That Flow

Demonstration marries top-of-the-line Ferrara and US Fire Pump products