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Vapor Release

No Injuries Reported in North Carolina Plant Explosion

Toxic vapor release threatened to get off plant property.

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UL Report Examines 2019 Energy Storage System Blast

Four Arizona firefighters injured in the lithium-ion battery thermal runaway explosion.

Singapore Recycling Plant Convicted in Fatal 2017 Fire

Crushed aerosol cans gave off flammable fumes.

Feds Probe Fatal 2019 Hydrogen Sulfide Release in Texas

Fatalities include an oil field operator and his wife.

Former Executive Sentenced in 2012 Montana Oil Facility Blast

Peter Margiotta found guilty of conspiracy and Clean Air Act violations.

Ammonia Leak Isolated at Canadian Poultry Plant

Anhydrous ammonia presents a risk of explosion under the right circumstances.

Chemical Ordered Removed After Lethal Gas Leak in India

13,000 metric tons of styrene monomer returned by ship to owners in South Korea

Fire Marshal Completes Probe into Texas Chemical Plant Blast

The ignition source for the blast remains unknown.

Blaze Spread Through Louisiana Refinery Via Pipe Rack

The amount of sulfur dioxide and butadiene released were above environmental limits.

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High-Pressure Vapors: A Clear, Combustible Wrapper

When it comes to a high pressure vapor release, the billowing apparition rapidly enveloping the facility is not as dangerous as what might already be much closer.