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Warehouse Fires

Four Firefighters Treated After French Dairy Blaze

Three were overcome by smoke inhalation while the fourth suffered heat stroke.

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California Lacquer Manufacturer Goes Up in Flames

The company is among the last manufacturers of lacquer used in pressing vinyl recordings.

Rail Car Repair Factory Burns in Poland

The fire damaged machinery and destroyed a 700-square-meter section of roof.

Fire Destroys California Nonprofit's Warehouse

The Working Wardrobes structure in Irvine has been lost, but no injuries have been reported.

Australian Company Charged in 2019 Warehouse Fire

Dangerous goods stored under hazardous conditions, according to government sources.

Explosion Collapses Factory Warehouse in India

At least 12 emergency personnel were injured. Some were trapped beneath debris.

Woodford County, Kentucky: July 2, 2019

"Angels' share" refers to the portion of a distilled spirit lost to evaporation during aging. On July 2, 2019 in Woodford County, Kentucky somebody else wanted a taste.

Fire Compliance for Warehouses

A full-scale fire sprinkler test usually consists of two forty-foot-long double row racks with single row tacks on each side as a target.

Expanding Use of Contract Firefighters

Over the past 20 years, there has been a global trend, notably in the United Kingdom and much of Western Europe of the public fire services are saying that they will not enter a warehouse unless there is a life at stake.

Illiopolis, Illinois: April 23, 2004

Small-town firefighters battle Illinois plastics plant fire.