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Hazmat: Notifying John Q. Public

When the big bell rings it is "all hands on deck" to load up and get underway. We have to remember the most important element, namely communication with John Q. Public.

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CO Dangers Found in the Workplace

Carbon monoxide is a common industrial hazard resulting from the incomplete combustion of material containing carbon such as natural gas, gasoline, kerosene, oil, propane, coal, or wood.

How to Use Respiratory Protection

Industrial emergency response teams also have the potential to utilize the full gamut of respiratory protection.

High-Pressure Vapors: A Clear, Combustible Wrapper

When it comes to a high pressure vapor release, the billowing apparition rapidly enveloping the facility is not as dangerous as what might already be much closer.

Adding an Extra 'P' for Proper PPE

The system of selecting PPE by the four levels of A-B-C-D is a quick and simple method of describing what responders wear when working with hazardous materials.

NFPA's Flash Fire Protective Garment Update

The upcoming edition of NFPA 2112 reflects substantive changes.

The Evolution of Personal Protective Equipment

It behooves those in charge of emergency response operations to try to strike a balance between providing protection, the physiological cost, and the technical limitations of carrying out monitoring protocols.

Life Guard Hood

The Life Guard hood from Honeywell First Responder Products is a particulate hood that features a design and fabrics that provide better blocking protection against hazardous materials when compared to traditional hoods.

European PPE Supplier Carves Out Niche

Compared to the big players in the American personal protective clothing market, Denmark-based Viking Life-Saving Equipment has a small niche.

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Renting Bunker Gear

Responders attending fire school often rent gear for training rather than purchasing new gear for their training.